Amanda (name changed) came to clinic because of infertility for more than 2 years. She already had had two miscarriages and she wanted to try Oriental Medicine to support her pregnancy.

Her cycle was irregular between 28-42 days with heavy period pain.

She came to clinic every two weeks for two months. Her period pain got less and her cycle became regular.

Her Gynaecologist found endometriosis which had blocked her right fallopian tube, so she decided to start IVF treatment.

After her first IVF session, although she suffered from constant spotting, she became pregnant with her first child.

She received treatments to help avoid miscarriage and stopped bleeding at around seven weeks.

During her pregnancy she came to our clinic once every two weeks to relieve her body, especially hip and lower back, relax her mind, as well as encouraging energy flow to mother & baby.

At thirty-nine weeks she had a beautiful daughter!