Denise came to the clinic initially because of a fertility issue. She had conceived her first child through IVF and had been using IVF in order to get pregnant with her second. She was yet to have a successful implantation and decided to support her wish for a second child with the help of Oriental Medicine.

Denise received acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs for two months according to the phases of her menstrual cycle, the focus being on timing treatments prior to egg harvest and on the day of the egg transfer.

After her twelfth session, Denise's estrogen level had improved and her cycle had become more regular. Following her fifteenth session she became pregnant.
Her pregnancy proceeded normally with sessions every fortnight to help avoid miscarriage and at ten weeks, Denise was treated with acupuncture and moxibustion to relieve morning sickness.

During her second and third trimesters Denise was coming to the clinic once a month to encourage the flow of vital energies in both mother and baby. At thirty weeks Denise returned to the clinic as her baby was in a breech position.

After three sessions of acupuncture and moxibustion the baby turned around in preparation for birth. At thirty nine and forty weeks Denise received treatment to help induce birth and at forty one weeks she gave birth naturally, avoiding the cesarean section that occurred with her first birth.