We have many skilled therapists here at WARAKU who have all been trained in either Japanese or Australian colleges. Many have a background of mixed working in the Japanese hospitality industry which means that along with being skilled therapists, they also provide a welcoming and relaxing environment for our clients.


We  may help patients to manage a range of symptoms including :

Neck & Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Pain, Achilles Tendon, Tendinitis, Shin Splints, Groin Strain, Cartilage damage, Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, Frozen Shoulder, Hamstring Injuries, Plantar Fasciitis, Scar Tissue, Adhesions, Whiplash, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury, Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pains, Nausea and vomiting, Skin Condition, Relaxation, Reduced Appetite and Autonomic Imbalance.

Many health practitioners may recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with IVF treatment. There is continuing research about how acupuncture can assist with the effectiveness of IVF treatment and you should consult your treating practitioner/s about how acupuncture may be able to help you.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is for those who have symptoms of pain or discomfort. Remedial Massage focuses on manipulating the soft tissues of the body, and relieving pain and as well as making you relaxed.

This massage applies various advanced remedial techniques, such as DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE, TRIGGER POINT THERAPY, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE and/or LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE. The therapist will select which techniques are suitable to solve your problems.

30 mins $60 / 45 mins $80 / 60 mins $95 / 75 mins $120 / 90 mins $140


Aromatic Remedial Massage

Aromatic Remedial Massage is a remedial massage with blend of massage oil and essential oils. The essential oils are carefully selected depending on your preference and your conditions. This treatment will give you deeper relaxation and stress-relief than normal Remedial Massage.

60 mins $105 / 75 mins $130 / 90 mins $150


Shiatsu Massage

A well trained therapist applies pressure on your acupoints. When your acupoints are stimulated, you will feel a satisfying burn in your acupoints.

Those who prefer firm pressure will especially like it. Those who don't like firm pressure also can enjoy our treatment as our therapists can adjust the strength according to your preference. This massage can be applied through your clothing.

Initial Visit $110

Subsequent Visit: 30 mins $60 / 45 mins $90 / 60 mins $105 / 75 mins $135 / 90 mins $155


Pregnancy Massage 80mins Nurturing Package

Pregnancy Massage is specially designed to provide a relaxing time and emotionally nurturing support for ‘mums to be’, and help them get ready for the big day.

Such massages are a nurturing experience for a pregnant woman and her changing body, helping to conserve energy and a positive state of mind. Our therapists have specialized training in the area of pregnancy massage, and are able to help throughout all trimesters and pregnancy stages, even if you are overdue.

We use variety of techniques with calibrated application of massage pressure, targeting: swollen legs and feet, pelvic and hip tension, upper and lower back, spinal discomfort, and headaches.

This package includes

Foot Scrub and Foot Spa

70 mins Remedial Massage

Followed by Herbal Tea and Treat.


Suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimesters, and beyond if overdue.

Booking essential

80mins $135

For those who want to fix more serious problems, we recommend acupuncture treatment.


At Waraku, we offer Japanese style acupuncture, which has unique features, including the hair fine needles, and the gentle, yet energetic method of Meridian Therapy.

Chinese Medicine with 5,000 years of history, Acupuncture was transmitted to Japan about 1,400 years ago and developed in Japanese culture. Acupuncture helps boost your vital energy (Ki )and assists to naturally release pains and symptoms. So, with no fear, no pain, you feel totally relaxed during and after Japanese acupuncture treatments, while improving your health.

Japanese acupuncture is gentle enough to treat children, but effective.

from 60 mins
Initial Treatment $110
Subsequent Visit $100